Advantages of Incorporating Solar Energy Technology In Construction

The greenhouse gases (GHGs) generated by buildings alone accounted for 13% of all carbon emissions the past couple of years. In order to meet the new ambitious targets to halve the GHG levels recorded in early 2005, the implementation of sustainable and renewable energy sources has now become a crucial element of construction design and management. Whether they are integrated in new homes or retrofitted to older buildings, solar panels are an efficient and accessible source of energy that are becoming more and more common in both commercial and residential buildings (in the U.S., and worldwide).

New building codes, incentives for installation, and the opportunity for businesses and homeowners to save money on utilities in the long run are all great reasons behind the huge increase in solar installations throughout the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Benefits of Incorporating Solar Energy Technology In Construction

Control Of Energy Systems In Commercial Properties

As well as helping to meet targets to reduce carbon emissions, businesses with their own on-site solar installations can benefit from a dependable energy source that gives them greater control over their power systems. Outages and surges from the grid can cause damage to equipment and result in unnecessary downtime, while a constant and reliable source of solar energy can make a business more resilient.

With more efficient technology, the costs associated with commercial solar panels have fallen. This means that, as well as saving money on energy bills over the long-term, the price of installation is more affordable.

Integrating Solar Panels Into New Home Builds

Of the range of personalized options for home design that builders can offer home buyers, the integration of solar panels in new buildings is becoming increasingly common. California was the first state to make the inclusion of solar panels mandatory on all new homes, and now advocates in 10 other states, including Maryland, North Carolina and Texas, would like to see the same building code implemented in the coming years. Incentives and rebates to encourage builders to include renewable energy sources in their plans are already available in many areas of the country.

how to maintain your solar panel

Experts at EcoWatch note that while the addition of panels can push up the initial price of a property, research shows that home buyers are happy to pay a premium for solar-ready properties. As well as being a more environmentally-friendly option, they know that, over time, they will save money on utility bills.

Ultimately, the hope is that the same or similar building code will be implemented all over the world in the near future, as it would greatly benefit homeowners, especially in developing nations. In other words, not only solar power not only serves an environmental good, but can also alleviate finance burdens for the general public.

An increasingly important element of construction is the implementation of clean and affordable renewable energies. Fitting solar panels to commercial buildings is highly cost-effective, while incentives and rebates encourage home builders to include solar panels on private homes.

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