Eco-friendly Features Of Tankless Water Heaters

If you want to save on energy costs and help in efforts geared towards environmental conservation, then think about installing a tankless eco-friendly water heater. As gas and electricity costs continue to rise, most homeowners are looking for cost-effective alternative sources of energy savings. Tankless water heaters have become increasingly popular because of their energy efficiency. These heaters work by heating and delivering hot water on demand. As such, energy is only used to heat not to store and keep the water hot. Eco-friendly tankless heaters should possess the following features:

ecofriendly tankless heater

1. Efficiency

One of the main benefits of a tankless water heater is energy savings; therefore, it’s a factor you should be keen on when choosing the right unit for your needs. Bear in mind that as the household’s water needs increase, the savings and efficiency of the system is likely to decrease. Even still, a tankless water heater out-performs a traditional storage water tank heater in saving energy.

2. The right warranty

Warranties differ from one manufacturer to another. Some manufacturers may require you to register your tankless water heater after it’s professionally installed for you to be eligible for warranty coverage. Always compare warranties as you select a tankless system. Clear warranty time frames and procedures are an indication that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality and performance of the unit he is selling to you.

3. The right size

Always select the appropriate unit size to meet your needs. Manufacturers often size their units based on the temperature rise required to achieve a specific flow rate. Once these two factors have been calculated and determined, you’ll be able to select a system that best meets your family’s hot water needs. Finding the right unit size to serve the entire household is vital since there won’t be a storage tank to supplement any shortages during the peak seasons.

Adequate information is also required before making the decision to buy a tankless water heater. According to, most people lack adequate knowledge in choosing the right tankless water heaters. With their tankless water heaters buying guide and comparisons from top brands, they’re able to match your needs with the best option for your home.

4. The right fuel

This decision is critical because the size and energy of your unit will largely depend on the type of fuel you select and ultimately, it will determine your daily operating expenses. Deciding to switch fuel sources at some point can be a significant expense, so this is a decision that should be made if you’re building a new home. Fuel sources include electricity, propane, and natural gas.

Whichever fuel type you choose often depends on the fuel that’s available in your area. Always compare the tankless unit’s efficiency to the cost of each fuel before making your final decision. Though gas tankless water heaters cost more than electric units, they tend to perform better from an operating cost and energy savings standpoint.

Bottom Line

Eco-friendly tankless water heaters are fast replacing the traditional water heaters because they require less space and are very economical to operate. As such, the future is likely to see new home constructions adapting tankless water heaters. By then, technology will be better, and the systems will likely gain more popularity and fetch lower prices.

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