About Mohammad Aljaradin

Mohammad Aljaradin is a professional environmentalist and academic with extensive professional experience in disciplines of natural resource management, environmental policies, clean technologies and sustainable development. His works covers many aspects of environment with special focus on waste management, Waste-to-Energy, food waste, landfills, biogas and climate change. Currently, Mohammad is Assistant Professor at the Department of Water Resources Engineering, Lund university, Sweden.

Waste-to-Energy in Jordan: Potential and Challenges

Effective sustainable solid waste management is of great importance both for people’s health and for environmental protection. In Jordan, insufficient financial resources, growing population, rapid urbanization, inadequate management and lacking of technical skills represent a serious environmental challenge confronting local government. At the same time, energy remains Jordan’s top challenge for development. The energy needs to be produced in a sustainable way, preferably from renewable sources which have a minimum environmental impact. To face the future problems in waste management, as well as securing the demand of renewable energy, it is necessary to reuse the wasted resources in energy production. … Continue reading