About Aysha Sadak

Aysha is an environmental journalist based in the UAE. She writes on the 3Ps, people, planet and politics. On the side, to channel her passion in bringing climate education to her people, she shares info-entertainment videos on her instagram page "The Climate Gaze" in her native language - Tamil. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and watching crime thriller series.

UAE and Indonesia’s Mangrove Alliance: A Global Climate Change Solution

Mangroves dominate the entire Arabian Peninsula’s coastal vegetation. Once regarded as a swampy wasteland, mangroves are now the magic bullet for regions susceptible to the adverse impacts of climate change. The swampy marshes’ unique ability to mitigate the damage caused by waves, severe storms, and soil erosion, acting as a cushion, protecting coastal communities from flooding and the effect of sea level rise – makes it an “ecosystem engineer”. A nature-based solution Mangroves are integral part the coastal ecosystem. It hold the potential to act as a carbon sink, taking in the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it … Continue reading