About Mufeeda Maksood

Mufeeda Maksood is a Measurement and Cost Engineer, working as a Cost and BIM consultant in the UAE. Mufeeda is an avid researcher in the field of sustainability and has conducted numerous studies related to various aspects of sustainability, specific to Oman. The author won second place in the Middle East and Africa Convention 2015, held by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), for the above research.

Energy-efficient Building Envelopes in Oman – A Study

In Oman, extreme hot weather conditions and thermally inefficient building envelopes have led to high cooling loads in residential units. Residential buildings serve a smaller number of occupants per unit, when compared to other sectors in the building industry. Also, mechanical, electrical and other energy-intensive equipment are relatively lesser in quantity and complexity. Yet, as per statistics, the residential sector is the largest consumer of electricity in the industry. In Oman, the residential sector consumes most of the electricity produced, with over 70 % of the load contributed by cooling using air conditioners (Zurigat et al., 2003). A major reason … Continue reading