4 Tips on How to Find an Eco-Friendly Portable Generator

Everything we use now depends on electricity, and with the increasing demands on power, and as technology continues to advance, seeking eco-friendly solutions to our day-to-day challenges is quickly gaining popularity. As mindful individuals, we all have a responsibility towards the environment, and should always opt for the eco-friendly choice whenever available.

Practicality, on the other hand, is not something to be compromised. Generators play an important role in most locations, and portable ones are now all the rage since they are a convenient, affordable way to fulfill the requirements of any outdoor activity. When the lights go out, an eco-friendly portable generator can save the day by fulfilling basic household energy needs in addition to protecting the environment.


In this article, we list the most important attributes to look for when searching for an eco-friendly portable generator.

1. Running Watts

Running watts (also known as rated or continuous watts) refers to the continuous power a generator can supply. You can use the running watts to know the maximum amount of load you can connect to the generator.

To figure out how many running watts you need from your generator, add the total number of watts your essential devices use per hour, and multiply it by how many hours, or fractions of hours, you’ll need to use them daily.

2. Starting Watts

Starting watts (also known as surge watts) is essentially the momentary boost of power needed for two to three seconds to start motor-driven appliances like a refrigerator or circular saw. This is the maximum wattage the generator can produce.

3. Weight

It goes without saying that when you are on the move, it’s best to pack the lightweight version of everything. The heavier the device, the less convenient it would be. Your generator should be mobile and easy to carry and store. You can check out this handy review of the top ten portable generators through this link. Weight, however, should not necessarily be a deal breaker, that’s why a thorough comparison of all the other factors should help you decide.

4. Estimated Runtime

Just like your phone battery, it helps to know how long one charge can serve you. It’s good to know that estimated lead times for each generator are based on a number of different requirements, according to the appliances you use them for.

Power On

It takes more than a price comparison and reading portable generator reviews to make the best choice. Since everyone’s needs are different, you must always take your requirements into consideration. Ask the right questions before deciding; is it a light generator you need? What are the devices you will be connecting, as they will determine the running watts and starting watts? How long will you need it for? Is it just for blackout emergencies, or hours at an outdoor barbeque-and-picnic?

To be sure you are making the right purchase, read the reviews and expand on what you’ve learned here, and talk to people who own portable generators, listen to their input and lessons learned.

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  1. Helen Bell says:

    One of the best reasons to buy a portable generator is that they offer a more budget-friendly alternative to the cost of a conventional backup generator. These larger machines can easily cost thousands while portable models are much cheaper.

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