How to Balance the Looks of an Interior Decor Predominantly of Wood

The go-to when it comes to hard furnishings in the home is wood. But when you’ve got TV stands, cabinets, bookshelves, coffee tables and more filling the one room, you might find yourself overtaken by patterned tan. Wood is timeless and natural, so it’s a great investment, but you might want to add some variety in there so your eyes don’t glaze over when you step into your home. How do you do that, then? Well, we’ve got a guide to balancing your wooden décor so that your home looks stylish and timeless.

how to balance your wooden décor

Vary grades of wood

There are a lot of different tones of wood. The simple birch tone that you’re imagining is right in the centre of the dial, with bleached white beach wood on one end and deep ebony on the other. Rather than going for a matching set of furniture around the room, you can mix up the gradients of wood you go with. If you look at these Price Busters dining room sets, for example, you can find lots of ideas on how to mix and match colours and materials.

Even better, there is a chance for some high contrast here that will allow you to make your furniture really stand out. You can have a couple of wooden pieces that are deep mahogany or white beach wood, contrasting with white or cream walls or dark walls respectively – or even just other pieces of furniture.

Add some other natural textures

A room full of wood is almost inevitable when it comes to furniture, but it can be a bit too much at times. You can offset the overwhelming feeling by mixing in a few other materials. Consider a wooden dining table with plastic or upholstered chairs, for example.

Or, if you want to keep to a nature-focused aesthetic, like Japanese or bohemian, you can look at other natural materials to scatter throughout the room. Look into wool throws, rattan doors and chairs, stone fireplaces, terracotta décor, and more.

wood decor

Play with hard and soft furnishings

As warm as the tone of wood can be, it is still a solid material that can feel a little cold when it fills your room. Think about offsetting this cold atmosphere with some soft furnishings. An upholstered chair, a wool throw, a table runner, all these are great ways to bring some coziness to the room. They are simple moves and usually very affordable, so they are a great solution to warming up a cool wood-filled room.

Add some pops of colour

And, let’s face it, wood really comes in one natural colour, just with various tones. If you have a room entirely full of brown, from beige to dark, you might still miss the concept of colour. If you don’t feel bold enough to paint the walls a statement colour, you can add little pops of color throughout the room in these little accessories. Whether it’s a runner or a throw, or a statement chair, you can add bits of colour around the room.

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