About Ashraf Yahya Alnajjar

Ashraf Yahya Alnajjar is a graduate from University of Technology (Iraq) with a B.Sc.Degree in chemical engineering in 2010. He is currently working as a process engineer in SCIDC which is a company affiliated to Iraqi ministry of industry and minerals. Ashraf is also conducting research in collaboration with the University of Technology (Iraq) in the field of industrial waste water treatment and pollution monitoring.

Solid Waste Management in Iraq

Iraq is one of the most populous Arab countries with population exceeding 32 million. Rapid economic growth, high population growth, increasing individual income and sectarian conflicts have led to worsening solid waste management problem in the country. Iraq is estimated to produce 31,000 tons of solid waste every day with per capita waste generation exceeding 1.4 kg per day. Baghdad alone produces more than 1.5 million tons of solid wastes each year. Rapid increase in waste generation production is putting tremendous strain on Iraqi waste handling infrastructure which have heavily damaged after decades of conflict and mismanagement. In the absence … Continue reading