About Farinoosh Asayesh

Farinoosh Asayesh is a sustainability specialist holding Master’s Degree in Sustainability of the Built Environment from University of Brighton in UK. She also possesses Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from American University in Dubai. Her focus is to improve the environmental performance of buildings through integration of Civil Engineering and Sustainability. Her core areas of expertise are energy management, renewable energy, Life Cycle Assessment, and sustainable design in buildings. She is passionate about latest industry news and developments and participated in numerous international workshops, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and webinar around the world. She was also part of a movement for spreading awareness about climate change issues in her home country Iran.

Trends in Sustainable Housing

There has been large-scale proliferation in construction of buildings worldwide due to population growth, economic development, urbanization and migration. According to UN Habitat, there has been a migration of the world’s population from rural areas to cities or smaller urban areas. In fact, this trend is expected to continue and cities within the developed as well as developing nations are expected to grow in terms of population. As a result all forms of construction activities are expected to become more intense than ever in the years to come. Usually the development of urban areas suffers from weak process of planning … Continue reading