About Faten Dhawi

Faten Dhawi is assistant professor and researcher at Biotechnology department at King Faisal University (Saudi Arabia). She has a PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Michigan Technological University. She has MS degree in plant physiology and BS in Botany and microorganism. Faten has participated in many research projects related to biotechnology, biofuel, phytoremediation, gene sequencing and crop improvements. In addition, Faten is interested in leadership, advising, entrepreneurship and also engaged in volunteering activities.

Recycling Attitudes in Saudi Arabia: A Survey

The waste management and recycling industry in Saudi Arabia is underestimated source of income. The continued increase in population and industrial development in the Kingdom has increased individual waste generation manifolds in the past few decades. The shortage of recycling industries in Saudi Arabia cost around SR 40 billion. The focus of Saudi recycling industry is plastic, papers and metals. If recycling industry targeted only plastic and paper and metals they can meet the need of the Saudi market efficiently. According to Arab League, recycling industry in Saudi Arabia can save over 500 million SR just from iron, paper and … Continue reading