About Luzita Ball

Luzita Ball has had a lifelong interest in gardening, nature conservation and sustainable environmental management. In 1992, she completed a BSc. degree in Agroforestry at Bangor University College of North Wales, UK; in 1993 a course in Permaculture Design, and, in 1998, her MA in Urban Regeneration at the University of Westminster, London, UK. She has since been involved in environmental education with many different organisations and institutions, directly as an educator of various age groups, through radio and television discussion programmes, permaculture projects, and writing educational materials and articles, currently contributing articles to the Peninsula Qatar newspaper.

Trash Talk from Doha

On arriving a few years ago from a town in the UK that boasts a university course in waste management, and a very efficient weekly recyclable waste collection from our houses, I was a bit shocked, like many Europeans by how difficult it was to recycle in Doha. Having had the moral obligation to recycle drummed into me since I was quite young, I felt guilty throwing away all my waste into one bin, destined to fill up a huge smelly hole in the desert, where it would take a long time, if not forever to biodegrade. The Real Picture … Continue reading