About Maha Ali Al-Zu'bi

Maha Ali Al-Zu’bi is a Doctoral Student at Faculty of Environmental Design at University of Calgary (Canada). Her research interests are focused on climate change response, green economy, low carbon development, water-energy nexus, urban development, local government responses, policy analysis and design, and low impact development in the Arab world. She has more than twelve years of experience in public and international organizations: managing and coordinating projects in a variety of development sectors including: Water, Energy, Agriculture, and Environment, and four years of experience in international cooperation, donor coordination; resource mobilization and financial management. Maha obtained her undergraduate degree in Geology from Yarmouk University (Jordan), followed by a Master degree in Environmental Science Management from the University of Jordan.

Desertification in MENA – Causes and Solutions

Desertification is a worldwide phenomenon afflicting countries all over the world. The desert is making a comeback in the Middle East, with fertile lands turning into barren wastes. According to United Nation’s Development Program’s 2009 Arab Human Development Report, desertification is threatening around one-fifth of the MENA region. China is experiencing desertification at an alarming rate – as much as 1,300 square miles each year. Sub-Saharan Africa is drying up, as are regions of Turkey that were once rich agricultural lands. During the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the world’s leaders adopted the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and agreed on the desertification definition … Continue reading