About Mathani Mudathir

Mathani is a student and volunteer-based climate advocate working on issues related to youth development, food sovereignty and indigenous rights in relation to climate change. She is the Co-founder of Sudan Relief Projects Team, an organization focused on implementing large-scale relief projects in Sudan. Mathani also has experience as country coordinator of Sudan for the 16th Conference Of Youth (COY16) and co-organizer of Sudan's first and second Local Conferences Of Youth. In 2021, she was the youngest member of Sudan's party delegation to COP26 and has been to various Climate youth conferences since then, including Youth4Climate and Student Energy Summit.

Can The UAE Implement a More Localised Food System? Why That Matters Amid COP28.

If you’ve ever been to or lived in the United Arab Emirates, you might be as surprised as those who haven’t to know that the UAE does produce its own crops. Local produce is a rare sight in UAE’s supermarket, as more than 90% of its food products are imported from across the globe. Such a phenomenon is present in numerous other countries- where imports are unreasonably high or even worse, at an equal rate as exports. This begs the question: can a small desert land such as the UAE reduce its reliance on importing if it really tried? And … Continue reading