About Neeshad Shafi

Neeshad holds a masters degree in Environmental Engineering and resides in Doha, Qatar. He has been an educator/speaker and activist since university days on environmental education as well as working on numerous grassroots campaigns for various social justice issues that he cares about deeply. His continuous enthusiasm and care for environment, climate change advocacy lead him to Co-Found AYCM Qatari chapter. He is a youth environmental activist and outspoken climate change advocate, who campaigns extensively on social media platforms to raise the awareness about Climate change, Water/Energy conservation and Sustainable Development. Neeshad is passionate about addressing the climate crisis and is currently serving as the Community Manager for CliMates, Founding Member of CAN Arab World, and Program Manager with African Youth Advocacy Platform (AYAP).

Key Questions about COP21 Climate Agreement

The headlines from the CO21 Climate Summit tell an inspiring story. Agence France-Presse reported an outbreak of “euphoria” as the international climate accord was sealed. Reuters hailed a global “turn from fossil fuels.” The Guardian headlined “a major leap for mankind.” As the euphoria of delegates at the UN climate talks in Paris fades, it is time to get down to the business of saving the planet and ask what it means for me. This time, they were. They managed to seal a pact that sets a surprisingly ambitious target for limiting global warming, reflects the vast differences between countries … Continue reading

Qatar’s Fight Against Climate Change

Qatar’s environmental records have always been in news, of course for the negative ones, but it has always strived to work towards reduction of GHGs emissions. Qatar is already doing plenty to help poor countries with financing and it seems unfair to focus on per capita emissions for a country with estimated population of 2.6 million making it the 143th most populous country on earth. (For climate talks, that is heresy). This may sound harsh, especially since Qatar’s contribution to global warming is tiny compared with the United States, China or India. In recent years, Qatar is making itself a … Continue reading