About Noha Farrag

Noha A. Farrag is Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), hosted in Universities of Canada in Egypt. She is also certified in Human Resource Development. She formerly coordinated the Internship program between Institute of Law and Economics at Hamburg University and the German University in Cairo. She has worked at several Institutions such as Arab Academy Maritime (London School of Economics Bachelor Program), Modern Science and Arts University, Misr International University, British University in Egypt, and German University in Egypt.

Can Atmospheric Water Generators Resolve Egypt’s Water Crisis?

Egypt faces an imminent water crisis which could jeopardize the country’s stability and regional dominance. Egypt is currently below the United Nations threshold of water poverty. The current water shortage in Egypt is 13.5 Billion Cubic Meters per year which is expected to continuously increase. According to hydrologists, a country is considered to be facing water scarcity if supplies drop below 1,000 cubic meters per person annually. Egyptian officials state there are currently around 570 cubic meters (150,000 gallons) of water available per person per year. This figure is expected to drop further to 500 cubic meters by 2025. The … Continue reading