About Mohammed Tafraouti

Mohammed Tafraouti is a Moroccan environmental and scientific writer who has contributed to various national and international media channels. He is the President of Environmental Horizons for Media and Sustainable Development Center, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the Environmental Horizons blog at www.marocenv.com. He received the King Hassan II Environmental Award in 2018, in the media category. He is also an active member in several associations such as the Moroccan Association of Regional Sciences, the Arab Association of Scientific Media, and the Arab Forum for Environment and Development.

The Blue Belt Initiative: Promising Ambition To Transform Challenges Into Opportunities That Protect The Oceans

It is good for the African continent to wrap itself with the belt of sustainability and the protection of marine biodiversity. What’s even better is for the ‘Blue Belt Initiative’ to launch from the furthest northwest point of the African continent (Marrakech, Morocco), a Mediterranean and African region, and in a global forum where the international community discusses a crucial issue for our planet’s security, the issue of climate. The “Blue Belt Initiative” started during the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP22), hosted by Morocco in 2016. The initiative serves as an international … Continue reading

Artisanal Fishing in Morocco – Enormous Resources and Pressing Constraints

In Morocco, artisanal fishing is a traditional activity based on canoes, generally made of wood, generally equipped with an outboard engine and a small crew of three people on average, fishing for benthic and surface species. Fishing is mostly based on the coastline and in estuaries and lakes. Morocco overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with coastlines extending over more than three thousand five hundred kilometers, opening its shields to tens of thousands of fishermen. Artisanal fishing in the Moroccan Mediterranean Sea occupies a great place, due to the advantages it offers, especially the large mass of labor … Continue reading

Cape Three Forks – A Biodiversity Haven on Morocco’s Mediterranean Coast

It goes without saying that the Mediterranean basin is one of the most diverse areas on our planet. But it is threatened by overexploitation, habitat loss and the impacts of climate change. Morocco’s Mediterranean coast is an important home to several endangered species. Morocco’s Mediterranean coast appears in the form of four large cavities of varying dimensions. Following the Saidia beach in the east, there is the first groove, which is about 80 km long, starts at the head of water, followed by the “Ras Wark” outcrop – Cape Three Forks. It extends towards the sea. In this part, there … Continue reading