Evaluating Different Investment Platforms in the European Market

To invest money online, it is necessary to pick the strategy first. Classic investment solutions exist, such as stocks and bonds. However, investing in individual stocks is rather difficult, especially for people with no experience. In this case, it is recommended to invest via special AIFs or alternative investment funds. These solutions have numerous benefits and can be accessible even to people with zero savings. There are many investment sites available right now for the European market, and you can find some of the options below:

Pros and cons of different investment platforms in European Market


Quanloop is an alternative investment fund with a unique business model. This investment platform acts like a single borrower from its users. All the investments are attracted on the website to be then unvested in the borrowing companies. The platform makes investing more secure for users.


  • One of the main perks of this site is the high liquidity of assets. People can withdraw their capital every day.
  • Any EU/EEA citizen above 18 years old can invest with Quanloop.
  • The lowest investment possible here is one euro.
  • Investment plans can be used for convenient passive investing.
  • There is a referral program that offers users an additional return for inviting their friends.


  • As this service collects all the funds, users are unable to choose borrowers.


Founded in 2014, this P2P investment provider focuses on real estate businesses and projects. Individuals and companies can become investors on this site. To make a transaction, SEPA transfers are preferred. Verification is required to use this service.


  • The average annual interest rate on investments is 13%.
  • Taxes for Estonian users are partly covered by Crowdestate.
  • The investment process can be automated using the tools available on the site.


  • To invest capital, the users need to make a minimum transaction of 100 euros.


This is one of the Estonian investment services made to bring investors and borrowers together. Loans can be placed on this platform where investors pick the options they want. These loans are mainly leases, business loans, etc. Private investors and businesses need to be from the EEA to use this site.


  • Service has some of the lowest requirements for investments as visitors can invest starting with 1 euro.
  • For more precise investment control, users can choose one of the three investment plans.
  • Both Bondora users and new visitors that use referral links can receive monetary bonuses.


  • This service does not help with filling in tax declarations.
  • The average yearly return is only 9%.


This P2P investment website was created in 2017. Any user or business with a European Union bank account can make a money online investment. The standard return rate yearly is 10%. Funds can be withdrawn to the original bank account that was used for investing.


  • The minimum investment required is 10 euros.
  • All investments can be automated, or, alternatively, users can set things up by hand.
  • A generous referral program is available for inviting friends and receiving bonuses.


  • The secondary market is not available at this moment.


This is a Latvian investment fund that opened in 2015. While their main office is in Europe, there are also offices in South America. Businesses from different countries can request loans, and site users choose to make their investments.


  • Everyone can invest as long as they own an appropriate bank account in the EU.
  • The smallest investment possible is ten euros.
  • People can receive a 12% annual return on average.


  • There is no help with paying or filing taxes.

When looking for a solution where to invest money online, investment funds always come in handy.

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