Green Marketing: How To Improve Your Sales Performance

The sales performance of your company should be improved for your business to grow. Whether you are trying to increase your LinkedIn connections or other social connections, building connections is vital in every business. You could be having a great product and a great team but without making sales, your business will ultimately fail. For this reason, you need to come up with green marketing strategies that will help your business improve your sales performance. Some strategies have been formulated to help you accomplish that, and they include the following:

1. Make sure you generate enough leads

Generating leads is probably one of the most difficult processes of the sales process. Also, it is the first step in the process. As a business, you must decide how many prospects you need in the funnel at a time in order to achieve your sales goals. Not every prospect will buy and you need to know how many calls you need to make one sale. For instance, you may realize that when you make ten calls, you can make one or two sales. If you want ten sales then you must make a hundred calls.


2. Show the benefits of your products to your prospects

After getting a prospect from the leads, you want them to buy. Prospects don’t care about the contents or the technology used in making the product. They buy the benefits of the products; hence show them the benefits of your products and you will make sales.

3. Know your target customers

You have to define your customers clearly. Know their age, gender, religion, place of residence, level of education and income among other factors. This information will help you get the right leads and prospects hence saving yourself time and money.

4. Define the problem that your product solves

Sometimes identifying the problem that your product solves may be difficult. It is necessary, therefore, that your sales people attend a sales coaching class to be taught to identify the problem being solved. If your product does not solve any problem, making sales becomes an uphill task. Prospects may not know if a problem exists and, therefore, it is your duty to educate them and persuade them to buy the product.

5. Learn to handle objections and rejection

Many people fear objections in the sales process. The good thing is that anyone can be trained to handle any objection so you don’t have to fear. Common objections include: not having money, time and having a similar product among others. If you own a business then it is good you train your sales people on how to handle these common objections.

Also, not everyone you talk to will yes to your product. In fact, a bigger percentage of your prospects will say no to you. You, therefore, need to be prepared to hear the no and move on to the next prospect.

6. Learn to negotiate

You should know how to negotiate with your buyers so that you can persuade them. Good negotiators are well prepared; know how to ask the right questions and exercise patience. This skill will help you to identify or create a win-win situation so that both you and your buyer are happy.

7. Follow up

Money is in the follow-up. Very few prospects will buy your product the first time they learn about it. However, when you follow up, you show them that you are there to serve them; you are dependable, you believe in your product and that you do not just want their money. This strategy may help you sell more products. If you have many prospects but your sales are low, develop this skill of following up and your sales will dramatically increase.

8. Ask for referrals

This is one effective way of generating leads, yet it is usually ignored by many people. Here you simply ask your satisfied customers to refer someone they know to you. They may refer some people and they buy, hence you gain; or they may refuse to refer people to you, you still lose nothing.

These green marketing strategies have been tested over and over again and they have shown results. You just need to apply them effectively and your sales performance will soar.

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