4 Things You’ve Never Thought of That Can Help the Environment

Most people want to make the world a better place. There are tons of ways to do that – alternative energy sources, walking instead of driving, reducing water usage, and more. But what if you’re already doing those things and you still don’t think it’s enough? In that case, you’re in luck. We’ll be discussing four unique things that you can do in order to help the environment. Remember that by helping the environment you’re also creating a better life for yourself as well as future generations. So, if you’re up for the challenge, keep reading.


1. Re-evaluate your after-life choices

I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what they can do for the environment once they’re passed on. Most of us don’t like thinking about a future without us in it at all. However, things like burials and cremation can cause a lot of damage to the environment.

If you’re someone who wants to make the world a better place while you’re alive, it makes sense that you’ll want to carry that legacy with you, even once you’ve passed. You probably already have a funeral plan set up, so just amend it to state that you want an environmentally friendly cremation.

2. Plant more trees

Look, most of us don’t have time to be planting as many trees as we should, which means that it’s something that often falls on the back burner. But planting trees is a great way of slowly counteracting the damage that we as humans are causing to the environment.

One way to make sure you get at least a few trees planted each year, is to make it a family tradition. Whenever there’s a birthday in your family, you can all gather to plant a tree. This will help create memories and help improve the state of the environment. Besides that, there are various other benefits of trees.

3. Use organic pesticides

If you’re big on helping the environment, you may already be growing your own vegetables. Creating your own vegetable patch is a starting point for many people when it comes to helping the environment.


And while it is true that it’s beneficial, those benefits can be cancelled out if you use pesticides that harm the environment. Switching over to organic pesticides is such a simple thing to do, yet it can make an impact on the state of the environment. There are various benefits of making your own organic pesticide.

4. Look at your plastic usage

More and more people are trying to lessen their single use plastic usage. This is great for the environment, as single use plastics are a major cause of pollution. In fact, certain countries, such as Canada, are aiming to ban single use plastics by this year!


Until that happens, though, it’s your responsibility to re-evaluate how much plastic you’re using, and how much of that is single use plastic. It’s so simple to buy your own travel mug instead of getting a new Styrofoam cup for your coffee each morning, or to buy reusable shopping bags instead of plastic ones.

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Salman Zafar is the Founder of EcoMENA, and an international consultant, advisor, ecopreneur and journalist with expertise in waste management, waste-to-energy, renewable energy, environment protection and sustainable development. His geographical areas of focus include Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Salman has successfully accomplished a wide range of projects in the areas of biomass energy, biogas, waste-to-energy, recycling and waste management. He has participated in numerous conferences and workshops as chairman, session chair, keynote speaker and panelist. Salman is the Editor-in-Chief of EcoMENA, and is a professional environmental writer with more than 300 popular articles to his credit. He is proactively engaged in creating mass awareness on renewable energy, waste management and environmental sustainability in different parts of the world. Salman Zafar can be reached at salman@ecomena.org or salman@bioenergyconsult.com

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