About John J. Berger

John J. Berger is an energy and environmental policy expert who has written and edited many books, including Beating the Heat: How and Why We Must Combat Global Warming as well as Charging Ahead: The Business of Renewable Energy and What It Means for America. Dr. Berger is also the author of Climate Peril: The Intelligent Reader’s Guide to Understanding the Climate Crisis (forthcoming) and Climate Solutions: Turning Global Peril Into Jobs, Profits, and Prosperity to appear in 2014. He has consulted to the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofit groups, and governmental organizations, including the U.S. Congress.

Exploring Climate Change Disinformation

For decades, the oil and coal industries and some of their largest industrial customers have conducted a sophisticated and wildly successful multimillion dollar campaign to convince the public that climate change is not a serious threat. The impetus for the campaign has been to protect industry profits by blocking any action designed to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other global heating gases produced in burning fossil fuels. Policies such as carbon taxes and carbon caps are intended to limit the release of carbon dioxide by restraining demand for fossil fuels. Fossil fuel companies, however, have correctly concluded that … Continue reading