About Dhuha Al-Ibraheem

Dhuha A-Ibraheem has recently completed MSc in Sustainable Chemical Engineering from Newcastle University. She has bachelors degree in chemical engineering from Swansea University. Dhuha has a keen interest in sustainability, water treatment methods, environmental conversion, air pollution management, renewable energy and energy management.

Solid Waste Management in Kuwait

With rapid economic growth, solid waste generation is increasing rapidly in Kuwait. Presently, Kuwait is facing serious challenges in solid waste management sector. which is grossly affecting the environmental, economic and social situation in the country in addition to precipitating climate change. The World Bank noted that Kuwait has a very high per capita waste generation of 1.55 kg per day, much higher than the global per capita average of 0.74 kg per day. The predominant solid waste disposal method in Kuwait is landfill burial which act as dumpsites without considering environmental and safety precautions. The land area of Kuwait is … Continue reading