About Eza Tahir

Eza Tahir is a student of M.Phil. in Environmental Sciences at Sustainable Development Study Center, Government College University Lahore. She has completed her bachelor’s degree from Lahore College for Women University, Lahore (Pakistan). She has also participated in environmental awareness campaigns and community service programs to address the environmental issues of Pakistan in collaboration with several international organizations.

Pakistan’s Thirst for Water: Towards a National Sustainable Water Policy

Being the world’s 6th most populous country, Pakistan is home to about 210 million people. The growing population reduces average water availability every day. In 2017, Asian Development Bank reported that the agriculture sector of Pakistan consumes 93% of the water resources and contributes 21% – one-fourth – to the Gross Domestic Product. Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources published a report titled “Water requirements of major crops in Central Punjab,” that has mentioned that over 60% of water is lost in transmission and applications. This implies that the agriculture sector that consumes 93% of water resources wastes two-third … Continue reading