About Lama Diab

Lama Diab is passionate about being an agent of change in her community and is highly active in the civil society. During her studies she worked with several local and international NGOs. She received her Master degree in Economic and Social Development in 2012 from the Lebanese University. Soon, after her studies she joined “2GEM”. Lama is also the co-founder of a women empowering NGO called “Women to Women Success” where they provide to underprivileged women-at-home with employment opportunities while still being based at home.

CSR Perspectives for the Middle East

Corporate Social Responsibility has moved beyond philanthropy, and is rapidly undergoing integration into the company’s core business strategy. However, in the Middle East, we can find companies that are still perceiving CSR as philanthropy and yet to view it as a “core business strategy “. Is it because of the culture and religion that we should give to the poor (Zakat or charity) so they consider it as their CSR? Should it be obligatory so companies will start thinking about CSR more strategically? Over the past few years, the interest has literally exploded in regional media and business community with … Continue reading