About Shehroze Khan

Shehroze Khan graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2013 with a BSc in Mathematics. He has always had an avid interest in social and political affairs, and been active in student politics. Shehroze has been involved in a number of campaigns and initiates centred on identity and representation, including the University Students Union, the BME movement and campaigns against Islamaphobia. He is currently a Campaigns Manager at MADE, a growing NGO equipping young people with the skills requires for change-making, advocacy and campaigning.

The Importance of an Environmentally-Friendly Hajj

Despite the spiritual perfection of the rites of the Hajj pilgrimage, there are some deep issues with its practical implementation. In a journey where one is meant to recalibrate one’s consciousness of the one true Creator, it seems paradoxical that such an excursion should lead to environmental harm (or destruction). Why is it then that I walk the street of the Haram (sacred land) and find them littered with boxes of chicken and rice, strewn on the curb in front of beggars who offer to pray for you in exchange of spare change? A Deluge of Waste In 7:31, the … Continue reading