About Suma Din

Suma Din is an author and freelance researcher based in Buckinghamshire, England. Her children's books and teaching resources combine Global Citizenship and faith. Her adult titles focus on women & spirituality and the experience of Muslim mothers. She taught in the adult education sector for many years, in addition to advising on parental engagement in schools. Suma is married, has three children and finds inspiration in the natural environment for her recreational painting. Further details of publications are at: www.therootedwriter.co.uk and www.muslimmothers.org

6 Easy Ideas to Teach Sustainable Living to Your Kids

Talking about the environment with children is one of the best things we can do to encourage ‘green’ habits for a sustainable world. Developing the habit of thinking about the impact of their actions on the earth is as important as learning about other aspects of faith and growing spiritually – they are interlinked. To make sustainable living a way of life, we can make small daily changes. Here are a few ideas to teach sustainable living to your kids: 1. Getting serious about waste Consider the waste your household generates – what can you buy less of? Is there … Continue reading

What Does The Quran Say About The Natural Environment

For a Muslim, caring for the environment is a part of faith. There are many verses (known as ‘ayahs’) about the natural environment. The Quran describes plants, animals, the elements of rain and wind as resources for use by people and animals. Some features of the natural environment, such as water, are mentioned several times as proof of God’s existence and power.   The Holy Quran asks the reader to ‘think, ponder and reflect’ on the natural signs in the world and contemplate their purpose. Read on to know more about the Quran and natural environment: On Rainwater Cycle ‘It … Continue reading