About Walaa Hamdan

Walaa Hamdan is a professional with international experience in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Corporate Communications, and Business Development.As CSR Project Manager in AIESEC Oman, she organized the first Corporate Sustainability Forum in Muscat in 2011. As Managing Director for CSR Watch Jordan she leads the strategic direction for the company as well as content and product development. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship from University of Maryland.

Sustainability Perspectives for Amman

Is Amman a sustainable city? No, it is not. That isn’t a very surprising statement if you’ve ever lived in or visited Amman. By all means, it’s a beautiful city, with plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. It is a diverse city with a wide range of experiences to offer between East and West Amman or Downtown to Abdoun. The fact remains however that it is not a very sustainable city. We as residents are not being kind to the city we call home. When I look at Amman I happen to see all the things I like, but also all … Continue reading