Different Types of Docks and Its Environmental Sustainability

Like anything else, docks have variations for every function you need. It provides a functional outstretch to an adjacent shoreline. Docks are used for commercial and residential purposes. The different types of docks available in the market range from lightweight to heavy-duty, which depends on the usability of the docks.

Property owners who are planning to install docks need to consider the sustainability of the components. It would be best to use those docks that are not harmful to the marine environment. Let us be conscious of the things we use!

Types of Docks

Each type of docks has its own distinct feature which makes it beneficial for a certain function. When you know the types of docks, you can easily determine the configurations and components of the docks. By then, you can confidently customize the docks based on the features you need.

Removable Docks

Removable docks are the most known and chosen dock for consumers who are living in a harsh climate. They are easy to install and quick to remove. There are two popular removable docks known in the market:

  1. Floating Docks: This removable dock is independent of its stability from the sea bed. It is quite impressive that it only has minimal to no obstruction to the marine life environment. Do not worry. There are anchors to stabilize the float, it is attached to heavy-duty ropes that are tied on the shore.  For those property owners who need an economical, environmentally-friendly, and cheaper dock, floating docks are the answer.
  2. Pipe Docks: For property owners who are looking for the cheapest dock installation and a lightweight alternative, pipe dock is the solution. Pipe docks stand up on legs and sit above the water. Originally, pipe docks are made stationary, but they are customized to have wheels to easily remove them. This type of dock have little impact on the marine environment since it is not submerged in the water.

As we can say, both removable docks have only minimal to no impact on the marine environment. Let us go over the permanent docks!

Permanent Docks

From its name, permanent docks are purposely built to last for years. Permanent docks are stable, they are in a fixed installation. It is expected that these permanent docks can withstand harsh weather and constant use. There are two permanent docks mentioned in this article.

  1. Crib Docks: This dock is termed crib as it is a weighted-down container. The container is filled with rocks or other weights to build an anchor for the dock. These cribs are a solid foundation for a permanent dock. As the anchor is secured, a deck is installed and built on top of the cribs.
  2. Concrete Docks: An alternative option for alternative marine activity is made possible with concrete docks. It is expensive to construct, yet the ideal option for heavy-duty uses. Both foundation and deck are made from concrete to provide a durable and long-lasting structure for decades.

These permanent docks are both installed using heavy equipment, and they are affixed to the sea bed. They may have simple or complex configurations depending on the property owner. But, any configuration of the permanent docks will cause disturbance to the marine environment. Permanent docks are mostly used for commercial properties.

Removable Docks are Environmentally-Friendly

As discussed above, floating docks and pipe docks have minimal to no impact on the marine life environment. Floating docks are a good option to install for waterfront properties. It offers quick access for those who enjoy waterside leisure. Property owners will enjoy their floating dock system for commercial, residential, or marina activities. The floating cubes provide any needs on the shoreline.

These floating dock systems are a revolutionary product. They are made out of high-quality plastic that can endure up to 20 years. You can configure any system you want depending on your application options. You will see the difference in floating docks when you compare it with other types of docks. It has an outstanding lifespan and high-resistance to harsh weather, dangerous chemicals, and punctures.

Lastly, it is easy to maintain floating docks. You only need water and broom to clean it. Refrain from using harsh chemicals, it may go down the water. Its molded polyethylene docks are resistant to oils, salt, and UV ray exposure. Thus, it does not peel, splint, or rot like other docks. Even if it is a low maintenance dock, it is ensured that it has long-term durability and reliable performance.

Are you looking for a reliable floating dock to install in your property? Hisea Dock offers a secure and stabilized floating dock system. You can design any system you would like, their team offers assistance for further inquiries. Moreover, the components they use for their floating docks are sustainable and environmental-friendly.

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  1. Derek McDoogle says:

    I did not know that floating docks were economic and easy to operate. My uncle told me that he would like to buy a boat to keep it in his lake house. I will recommend him to make sure he has a dock before he gets a boat.

  2. Molly Nelson says:

    If you plan to specialize in smaller boats, there are wonderful tiny lift systems you can buy to pull them out of the water, such as the SunStream SunLift System (you can check up the business online), which can lift roughly 12 tons and floats while docked. Of course, you’d have to rent a place at the Marina if you did that, but if you got a conspicuous position, everyone would be able to see you working, and you’d be continually getting new business. SunStream isn’t the only system available; other firms are fighting for the same market, so it’s worth considering.

  3. nicole dekwiatkowski says:

    I am thinking to propose a dock in the the rivers in manhattan / to reintroduce swimming . Which dock construction would you recommend?

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