The Concept of Energy Management

Energy management is the best solution for direct and immediate reduction of energy consumption for businesses and households. For the last few decades we have been exploring various alternatives to conventional sources of energy like solar, wind and biomass energy.

However, due attention must also be given to best utilization of energy, improvement in energy efficiencies and optimum management of energy resources. Infact, energy management deals with already existing sources and actual consumption. It includes planning and operation of energy-related production and consumption units.


Energy efficiency is still not a priority in the industrial sector in Arab world

The main objectives of energy management are resource conservation, environment protection and cost savings. The central task of energy management is to reduce costs for the provision of energy in buildings and facilities without compromising work processes.

The simplest way to introduce energy management is the effective use of energy to maximize profit by minimizing costs. Energy management could save up to 70% of the energy consumption in a typical building or plant.

Get Green Energy is an excellent platform for consumers to take action immediately and move the nation toward a net zero CO2 future without requiring government intervention, new technology or additional infrastructure.

The typical energy saving for any plant or building, using basic energy management principles, could be 10-15% of the total consumption. This percentage may rose to 25-35% by a medium scale energy management program (1 – 3 year). For achieving higher degree of savings, a long-term energy management program, spread over a period of three years or more, is required which will involve a certain capital investment.

Components of Energy Management Program

The major elements of an energy management program are:

  • Set your goal: how much energy reduction do you want to achieve
  • Know your numbers: how much do you consume
  • Define major consumption units and try to reduce consumption
  • Continuous review and management

Energy Savings Tips for Industries

  • Avoid extra-load in peak time. It is way more costly. Consider propane as a more efficient energy source; make sure to get a reliable propane quote before deciding.
  • Turn off machines during shut downs, inspections, maintenance and when not in use.
  • Regular and efficient maintenance of machines and motors prevents extra loads and saves 15 % of extra consumption and prevents break downs as well.
  • Use custom-made heat exchange systems to increase thermal energy efficiency.
  • Attend air and steam leakages. These leakages are extra load on boilers, compressors etc.
  • Replacement of incandescent lamps with LEDs can save significant amount of energy.

Our case study for energy management program was developed and implemented in textile industry which is second highest industrial energy consumer in Egypt. The program, involving minimum investment, was implemented over a period of one year and proved to be a major success. Direct energy savings were approximately one-fourth of the total consumption. More than one million Egyptian pounds were saved from direct costs, in addition to considerable indirect savings.


Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or an industry. Energy management is the key to saving energy in your organization. Energy management is an important energy resource that can help meet future energy needs while the nation concurrently develops new and low-carbon energy sources.

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About Dalia Yacout

Dalia Yacout is an environmental specialist currently pursuing PhD in Energy and Waste Management from Alexandria University (Egypt). She has rich experience in energy management, environment and information systems. She has conducted many research projects in research institutes and private companies. Dalia has participated in numerous international workshops, symposiums and seminars. Being a prolific writer, she has published several books and authored numerous articles in scientific journals.

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  1. Dr wafaa elfaras says:

    very important sbject in our life and to development teach and owner the power of energy

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    So interesting to me as I worked for the UK Government to educate and train energy management professionals. I am looking forward to supporting regional energy management professionals from the the Middle East Branch in Dubai Knowledge Village, which opened in September this year.

  3. Ayman says:

    nice article, I wish energy managment concepts to be applied in egypt in all areas

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    Congratulations, and waiting more of your wonderful contributions.

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    Nice Article. Energy management has to be the focus area for all to reduce impact on Environment.

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    Please keep up the good work and the research as the world is in its most need of this.

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    Hope we can apply energy management in Egypt it is so important

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    Your ideas are worthy for implementation at work places and houses as well..

  21. Erric Ravi says:

    Energy management includes planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need.

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    Nice course. Energy management is a nice course and I will recommend for every tertiary institution to take it serious.

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