Why You Should Consider Switching to LED Christmas Lights

The number one decor that creates a festive atmosphere are Christmas lights. And even though no other decorations are included, these lights are going to make you imagine about Christmas. They are usually installed on Christmas trees but there are various techniques on how to use them as indoor decorations. They can be hung above your windows, hallways, doors and can even be installed on your stairways. These will surely fill your space with shimmering lights!

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Furthermore, you can make absolutely fabulous-looking wreaths and lanterns for indoors easier especially when you make use of LED lights. With exceptional durability and a wide range of dazzling colors, LED Christmas lights for holiday displays are much more than energy-saving alternatives.

Discussed in this article are the benefits of using LED Christmas lights and some tips and ideas for a festive indoor decoration on Christmas holidays. Read on to know more!

Why Use LED Christmas Lights?

Almost all people are aware that LED Christmas lights are one of the most energy-efficient Christmas decors. But aside from this, there are more reasons why you should consider switching to LED lights. To know more about what LED lights are and how they work, read on this article.

Why do you think the majority of Christmas consumers prefer LED lights over incandescent ones? Below are five reasons why.

1. LEDs Have an Exceptionally Long Life

There are many sets of LED lights that are proven to last more than a thousand hours. This is much more beyond traditional sets of miniature incandescent lights that usually last for only one or two seasons.

Want to know more about the difference between LED lights and incandescent ones? This article provides a comprehensive comparison between LED and incandescent lighting.

2. LEDs Have Visually Parallel Output Light

LED light bulbs emit brighter and a more vivid light compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. Moreover, the stunning output light of LEDs is among its most complimented feature by customers.

3. LEDs Have More Advanced and Innovative Designs

LED lights are accessible in a wide color spectrum and have a number of varieties. They feature unique capabilities regarding light display including their ability to be dimmed and change in color.

4. LEDs Produce Less Heat

LED light bulbs produce less heat or no heat at all. This means they are always cool when touched making them safer for animals and children even if these are around during all seasons.

5. LEDs Can Be Connected in Long Strings

When you use LED lights, you can connect strings of LED lights together while using only one power outlet. Many conventional mini Christmas lights only allow the connection of 4 to 5 sets. But with various mini LED light strings, the end-to-end connection of 40 to 50 strings together can be done depending on your light count. If you are decorating large displays for Christmas, LED lights make this a lot easier.

Now, before we go on to the Christmas lighting styles and ideas, discussed below is our most recommended LED lighting style: LED strip lights. Wondering why? Read on the next section.

Why Use LED Strip Lights as Christmas Lighting?

There are various options to decorate your Christmas displays using LED lights. The 7 advantages of using LED strip lights rather than traditional Christmas lights are listed below.

1. They have a longer service life.

The lifespan of LED strip lights can reach up to 50,000 hours or more. This saves you maintenance costs and effort of changing your lights frequently.

2. They blend in easier.

LED strip lights are easier to blend in the displays or surroundings so they can be left up throughout the year. Buy Christmas jumpers and start your big and bright celebration.

3. They are very safe.

LED strip lights only have low voltage which is 12 volts. Furthermore, they are available in various colors you can choose from making the creation of festive light atmosphere a lot easier on your furniture, TV, monitor or even outdoors by elaborating effects on color changes.

4. They are suitable for light installations.

LED strip lights are intended for light installation effects and only take a few steps for the installation to complete.

5. They are very flexible.

LED strip lights are very flexible. Strips make it easier to light separate and curved spaces. All you have to do is remove its adhesive back and then stick in on any surface to illuminate your office or home with RGB and white led strip lights.

6. They can withstand weather extremities.

LED strip lights can withstand bitter winters and harsh winds. They are among the most sturdy lighting solutions.

7. They are available in white colors.

LED strip lights are available in static white colors so they can also be used as additional lighting for your properties to make them more elegant at any time period. You can use them as lighting for Thanksgiving and Halloween too.

Wondering where you can buy LED strip lights? Check out this manufacturer.

Other Christmas Lighting Decorating Ideas

2. Use Fairy Lights

Fairy lights may be small due to their tiny bulbs but they are mighty. Don’t be fooled by their size because they produce an incredible glowing, bright light! You can pick both new plug-in and battery operated options on green or silver wires for:

  • Wrapping around greenery,
  • Brightening craft projects, or
  • Illuminating glass jars.

#2 Use LED Icicle Light Bulbs

This is among the most popular outdoor LED list styles for Christmas. They are used to line roofs and in indoor decorations for ambient lighting in bedrooms. They are also increasing in popularity in wedding decors to produce a romantic mood. LED icicle lights come in a wide spectrum of colors and fun combinations such as green and red for Christmas. A color combination of purple and orange is also available for Halloweens!

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#3 Use Falling Icicles and Grand Cascades

This is a twist on conventional icicle lights! These can be attached in stringers to imitate dripping ice and falling snow. Grand cascades are composed of diodes that light up and descend. This, simulating snow showers and shooting stars!


In this article, we have discussed why you should use LED bulbs as Christmas lighting, specifically LED strip lights. These are suitable for spaces that need very flexible installations and have a longer life span and can withstand extreme weather conditions compared to other Christmas lights. Then we gave you other five Christmas LED light styles you can use to decorate your home or office.

Want more? Here are 30 Christmas Decor DIYs using string and fairy lights you can follow. Have fun transforming your house or office into a fairyland!

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