Top 15 High School Study Tips

The last thing you want to do when you get home is study. With the world waiting for you to log on and get the latest scoop and trend, it’s hard to take a break from the screen and focus on your homework. Experts caution that if you get in the habit of giving your screen most of your attention, you’ll most likely cram when it comes time for the exam. That’s never good, and you wind up getting behind. What if we told you that you have time to stay in the loop while getting your studying and homework done? That’s right! Below we have 15 tips for high schoolers that will help you stay on top of your work.


1. Give Social Media a Break

Social media is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It seems like the world is always on and sharing the next biggest thing. While it is fun, you can’t dedicate your entire life to social media. So, when it comes time to study, it’s best to shut everything off.

2. Find Your Zen

Finding a study space is crucial. Some learners prefer a bit of noise, while others need complete silence. Whatever it is that you need, find it. You can study in different places at home like the kitchen or your bedroom. If that doesn’t work because your little brother screams every five minutes, try a coffee shop or library close to your house.

3. Take Lectures Seriously

Too often, we are distracted by dozens of things at the lecture and have to study double. During class time, take advantage of the lectures and listen to your teachers. Stay engaged and ask any questions you have at the moment. Take good notes and look over them frequently to keep things fresh in your head.

4. Add Some Color to Your Life

To give your life a bit of color, use fun pens and funky highlighters. When you’re in class, take notes and wait until you get home to rewrite notes or highlight important parts. Writing specialists share that adding some color and life to your notes will make you want to give them a look over, giving your eyes something fun and interesting to look at.

5. Manage Your Time

Time is always ticking away. Every second turns into a minute and then an hour and, before we know it, a whole new day is upon us. Time is everything; thus, learning how to manage it is a handy skill. To learn how to manage your time better, write things down and plan your day. Give yourself time to study, take a break, and even do something fun. You need to get some reward for your hard work!

6. Get a Planner

When trying to plan out your day, make your life easier with the help of a planner. A daily planner is an excellent way to track all of your assignments, exams, and extra-curricular activities. At the beginning of each day, consult your planner and see what the day has in store. It is helpful to plan your week before it starts, so take the weekend to outline your week and see what you have ahead of you.

7. Jump on a Routine

Once you start getting organized, you’ll realize how much more effective you can be if you jump on a routine. Get in the habit of studying for a few hours every day. Schedule study time, break time, and even a time to jump on social media or watch your favorite series. It’s all about balance when you study, so reward yourself while keeping on track.

8. Set Goals

We feel good when we accomplish things. That’s why it’s a great idea to set goals. Give yourself daily and weekly objectives and try to smash them! In this way, getting through your week will feel like a game. Do you accept the challenge?

9. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is a killer. Avoid it at all costs. Stay on track and on top of things to be the most effective at all times. Turn things in on time, and don’t wait till the last minute. But even if procrastination overwhelmed you, don’t panic.

10. Join Study Groups

You shouldn’t beat yourself up for wanting to be a bit social. So, why not join studying and socializing together, joining a study group. They are fun and effective.

11. Stop Stress

If you’re stressed, find a way to manage it. Learn breathing exercises or take up a relaxing activity like meditation, yoga or volunteering.

12. Stay Organized

Keeping your things organized will help you get through your days easier. Try and keep things tidy and organized so that things don’t pile up at the last minute.

13. Use Technology

Apps are your best friend. They can help your keep your life on track, help you study, and even help you improve your study methods. When you can, let technology take the wheel, and you take care of the rest. Check out the tools that can help to pass your exams with flying colors.

14. Find Your Learning Style

Do you learn better when you see things or listen to things? Finding out your learning style is a great way to improve your memory and reduce your need to study so much, helping you retain information.

15. Take A Look in the Mirror

At the end of the day, you are the only one that can make changes. Evaluate yourself and see where you can make changes to be a more effective student.

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