4 Options To Control Pigeons in A Large Area

Getting rid of pigeons from roofs, balconies, and industrial areas is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who have pigeon problems. Pigeons are frequently fed through leftovers and trash, but some pigeon lovers nourish the pigeons with good daily feed.

It causes more damage than good for the birds because the pigeons start to congregate in huge figures, which leads to different difficulties for residents of the area. As a result, some people use fatal and non-humane methods for getting rid of pigeons.


Pigeons cause annoyance and health hazards. In large cities, easily accessible food and water, plenty of free housing, rare predators are the factors that support pigeons’ growth. When pigeons’ population becomes too large, causing a disturbance, then the pigeons’ carnage is often the primary step. However, the killing of pigeons is ineffective, and there are improved, non-fatal solutions to pigeon problems.

Different Problems Caused by Pigeons

The most common type of pest bird, e.g. pigeon, is causing a wide range of problems in a wide range of structures, from manufacturing plants to airports, offices, the rooftops of stores and homes. Pigeons excrete extremely acidic droppings; therefore, they can do much damage in a small phase. Every year, pigeons cause huge damage in city areas.

The major problems caused by pigeons includes

  • They can harm a company’s or commercial enterprise’s image by creating a negative impression.
  • The debris from roosting pigeon flocks can clog gutters and drains.
  • Air conditioning and rooftop machinery are frequently damaged.
  • The droppings of pigeons create hazardous surfaces, putting people at risk of slipping and falling.
  • Pigeon droppings can cause several diseases.
  • They carry fleas and other parasites that are harmful to human health.

But as we know that it is illegal to kill pigeons or any other wild bird species, we need to follow some humane methods for getting rid of them. Read on to know more about the humane ways to control pigeons in a large area:

Ways to Control Pigeons in Large Areas

1. Pigeon Birth Control Program

One of the most effective and humane methods to solve the pigeon problem in large areas is the birth control program for pigeons. Ovocontrol is a globally used birth control program for pigeons. It is a controlled baiting system that works like a contraceptive. It is carefully administered and strictly observed to avoid any impact on non-target birds. Scientific research has proved it to be both environmentally friendly and safe for the hatchability of eggs of most other birds.

2. Anti-Bird Spikes

Anti-bird spikes, also known as spike strips, are a set of attachable spikes that can be fastened to a surface to prevent pigeons from nesting in areas where you don’t want birds. The spikes will not necessarily harm the birds, which is a good thing if you want to stay on the right side of the law. However, the spikes will deter birds from nesting wherever the spikes are laid.

Bird spikes, when properly installed, will prevent larger birds from landing anywhere on or around your business. It is important to note that some smaller bird species, such as starlings and sparrows, will not be permanently deterred if only bird spikes are used. Bird and pigeon spikes are not harmful to birds; instead, they serve as a visual and physical barrier. Because the birds do not directly contact the bird spikes, it is a humane bird deterrent.

3. Bird Repelling Gels

If you’re wondering how to get rid of pigeons on your roof, keep in mind that you need to make it less appealing to them. You can do this by using pigeon repellent gel to make their roosting areas uninhabitable. A sticky trap, also known as sticky gel, is a bird repellent that uses a chemical to create a translucent barrier across structures, causing a bird’s feet to become stuck to the surface, causing the bird to struggle to get free.

A pigeon will avoid landing on structures that contain the gel because it does not want to go through the experience of breaking free from the sticky chemical a second time.

4. Ultrasound repeller for pigeons

Birds have a keen sense of hearing, allowing them to pick up on sounds that human ears cannot. They must have an acute hearing to hear the calls of other birds.

It helps them detect food, a potential mate, and danger. Use this to your advantage and use sound to get rid of pigeons. The Ultrasonic Bird Repellers can help remove pigeons from your property by emitting bird distress calls and predator sounds.

It has several settings that allow you to blend several pre-recorded sounds to make it sound more natural. Other types of pigeon control devices that use sound to get rid of pigeons use frequencies that only these birds can hear. It has a lower frequency than human ears can detect, but it is irritating to pigeon ears. Hence, using ultrasonic repellents are safe for both humans and pigeons.

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