10 Different Types of Art to Help Celebrate Nature

Nature has always been a powerful source of inspiration and muse for artists throughout history. With countless forms, colors, and textures available in the natural world, creative individuals have found various ways to express their appreciation. They’ve also managed to show their fascination by transforming their experiences into captivating works of art. In this article, we’ll explore ten different types of art that allow for unique opportunities to celebrate nature, from painting beautiful landscapes to creating intricate botanical illustrations. 10 Types of Art That Celebrate Nature Here are 10 incredible types of art that celebrate nature and encapsulate its unquestionable … Continue reading

Recycling and Artwork

Art and recycling goes hand-in-hand. Eco-artists are, nowadays, transforming old, recycled and resued object into amazing pieces of contemporary art. The trend started gaining prominence in 1980s when museums and galleries in the Western world opened their doors for such innovation and creativity. In recent years, many artists in the Middle East has started expressing their support for recycling and sustainability through artworks where they merge traditional tone with contemporary themes creating attractive installation art that express local cultural heritage in the larger public interests. Artists are expressing their emotions and ideas through a wide range of recyclables glass, cans, plastics, CDs, PET bottles etc. Installation … Continue reading

Carta: Creating Art-from-Trash in Jordan

Carta, a novel paper recycling initiative in Jordan, was launched when Najwan Al Masri noticed the increasing amount of paper wastes being generated at her home (especially when her son started to write and draw) and she thought “Why not to upcycle waste papers into beautiful Art and Crafts”. The thought developed to an idea which then grew into a project with careful research and study about how to make something unique and useful. Carta is trying to give paper recycling a new dimension of creativity, innovation and passion. EcoMENA talks to Najwan Al Masri, the Founder of Carta, to know … Continue reading