Benefits of Rotational Grazing + Creating A Herd Migration In Your Farm Pasture

Rotational grazing is a concept that has similar benefits to rotating farm crops. When an area is constantly sucked of its nutrients, it can have a harder time naturally restoring itself. The same can be said for grazing fields. However, livestock prefer eating premature new crops instead of grazing in areas that haven’t been touched. That’s why rotational grazing and creating a herd migration in your farm pasture is a great idea. Free range is still a concept, but you may notice that the landscape has continued to change in pastures. When you drive by a farm now and see … Continue reading

Waste-to-Energy Outlook for Jordan

A “waste crisis” is looming in Jordan with more than 2 million tons of municipal waste and 18,000 tons of industrial wastes being generated each year at an annual growth rate of 3 percent. Alarmingly, less than 5 per cent of solid waste is currently recycled in Jordan. These statistics call for a national master plan in order to reduce, manage and control waste management in the country. The main points to be considered are decentralized waste management, recycling strategy and use of modern waste management technologies. Currently there is no specific legal framework or national strategy for solid waste … Continue reading