Water Filtration: The Eco-Friendly Choice for Homes

Kickstart the day with water that packs a punch of purity for your health. As concerns of clean water continue to highlight in mainstream discussions, a significant number of homeowners are leaning towards more eco-friendly solutions. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2019, around 785 million people still lack basic drinking water services. The number stresses on our responsibility to make sustainable choices. So why not start with the earth’s most vital resource – water? A home water filtration system is a valuable remedy to these ailments and more, with filtap.com.au suggesting a plethora of eco-friendly options available in … Continue reading

Why You Need an Eco-Friendly Water Filter at Home

There is no doubt that water plays a vital role in our daily lives. Come to think of it, there must be a reason as to why it’s often referred to as ” life”. Basically, everything we do revolves around it. You cook with it, use it to shower, drink, clean, water plants and the list is endless. Therefore,  weighing all these uses, it’s apparent that we need to pay close attention to the source and state of the water we use to avoid contaminates. From the famous chlorine, pesticides to the less known prescription drugs, there is so much … Continue reading