Why You Need an Eco-Friendly Water Filter at Home

There is no doubt that water plays a vital role in our daily lives. Come to think of it, there must be a reason as to why it’s often referred to as ” life”. Basically, everything we do revolves around it. You cook with it, use it to shower, drink, clean, water plants and the list is endless. Therefore,  weighing all these uses, it’s apparent that we need to pay close attention to the source and state of the water we use to avoid contaminates. From the famous chlorine, pesticides to the less known prescription drugs, there is so much that a single glass of “clean” tap water can carry.

And if you thought you’re safe with the use of bottled water, then it’s time to rethink. Recent researches indicate that bottled water isn’t 100% spared from contamination and to remove contaminants from water install lead removal water filter. The reason for this could be bad handling and storage habits. All these are bad for the environment, thus the need for water filtration methods in homes.


So if you’re yet to make up your mind about filtration, this article compiles a list of the essential reasons as to why you should consider investing in an eco-friendly water filtration system for your home. Read on!

Reduces use of bottled water

Contrary to standard community assumptions that carrying bottled water with you is a clear indication of sophistication and class, it actually demeans the efforts being made by environmental conservationists to save our immediate environment. However, despite being aware of all this, most individuals choose to use this route either because; they dislike the taste of the tap water, cannot trust the safety of the municipal water and of course, want clean and safe water for consumption. What they don’t know, however, is that bottled water isn’t 100% safe either.

Therefore, the only best solution is having a home water filtration system. Making this choice not only benefits your entire household, but is also the greatest gift you can give to the environment. First, you will no longer have to spend lots of cash purchasing bottled water to meet your daily consumption needs. And secondly, you won’t have unconscious limitations on the amount of water you will have to drink as all sources of water in your home will be considered safe.

Management of plastic waste

Plastic waste is considered to be one of the most dangerous threat to environmental conservation. This comes with the regular use of plastic water. And although plastics can be recycled, not many individuals are willing to dedicate their time into this cause. Most are busy running after their hectic lifestyles to even care about the impacts of the water bottles they dispose all over the streets. So imagine if you and your entire household use let’s say 10 small plastic bottles in a day, how many will that translate to in a week, year or month? All this assuming that you have no recycling plan in place.

In fact, apart from it being too impactful on your bank account, it sure is detrimental to the environment. Therefore, the more reason as to why you need an eco-friendly water filter in your household. Here everyone can carry their water from home, quench their thirst, play their role in keeping the environment clean and be 100% safe. It’s such a great feeling knowing that you are doing the right thing and that you’re teaching the future generation to be responsible. You don’t want to be among the reason as to why our oceans are getting dirty and sea animals dying on a daily basis, do you?

Guaranteed quality assurance

We aren’t saying that all bottled waters are contaminated, but it all depends on how much willing you’re to take the chances. There is a given sort of confidence that comes with doing things yourself. The same case applies to the use of various types of filters. You get a guarantee of quality assurance since you’re performing the filtration yourself.

Yes, you got the option to walk into any retail store and pick any size of the water bottle from the available two to three brands (perhaps) even more but that convenience shouldn’t be the main focus. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of water wastage going on. For instance, the claims that 3 liters of water help in making 1 liter of clean water doesn’t make a lot of sense. What about the rest? Where is it deposited? You don’t have to reduce the value of water to make it clean. And you can only ensure to achieve this through investing in your own home filter.

So if you choose to purchase a whole house environmental friendly water filters, it guarantees the release of clean water from every tap, meaning you can drink straight from the faucet without a worry in the world. Remember water filtration is not all about drinking water. You can also purchase shower filters, pool and spa filters, etc. This way, you get to shower, swim and soak in the bathtub without a chance of contracting disease-causing germs. Ensure to keep the water temperature moderate to avoid the absorption of toxins.

Reduces rate of petroleum consumption

The entire process of transporting and keeping water bottles cools requires a lot of energy. So if you take time to calculate how many bottles rely on such kinds of transportation on a daily basis, you will find the figures quite overwhelming. For instance, recent statistics from the National Statistics indicate that the production of 1 billion bottles of water consumes around 24 billion oil gallons.

And that doesn’t stop there. This increases further with the recycling process of the same water bottles, and the trend continues. The amount of petroleum needed for transportation equally increases. But if you set your filters right at home, there wouldn’t be a need for transportation. It might feel like a fraction of the solutions needed, but remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and yours does count in this matter. And if everyone else decides to take that single step, then the world will be a better place. There is no way such a grand issue can be solved in one day or with a single effort.

Simplifies detoxification process

Our body is naturally geared to detoxify on their own. So sometimes you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve this. Of course, this requires a lot of dedication and proper intake of both foods and water. There are two parts of the body that work hard to ensure efficiency in toxin flushing; the kidney and the liver. But sometimes they do work so hard to ensure this and that’s why it might get difficult to achieve the appropriate detoxification rates.

Therefore, the best way to help your body achieve this is by taking fewer toxins. And that includes drinking less contaminated water. Hence, by choosing to invest in a water filter for your home, you can significantly reduce the number of contaminants you consume on a daily basis.

Drinking dirty water creates a hindrance in its processing and that alone can be destructive to our bodies. So if you consider a juice filter important, then an Eco-friendly filter should be even more important. It carries so many other essential benefits. For instance, it provides cleaner water for cooking. All this starts from the washing process to boiling.

Remember your veggies and fruits take-in some portion of the water that you wash them with. So if it contains chemicals, then they too will. It’s important to ensure that everything and anything that goes through your mouth is safe and clean for better digestion, absorption and of course release of toxins.

Healthier hair and skin

As mentioned earlier, there are various types of filters you can use in your home. And one of those is the shower, spa and pool filters. By deciding to install a whole house system in your house, it means that every outlet will have clean water. So you get to wash every sensitive part of your body, including the skin and hair without the risk of harmful chemicals seeping through your skin.

Remember, the freshness of the water you are using can significantly impact the general outlook of your skin and hair. For example, if you use dirty water, your skin might get itchy, develop pigments, get very dry or pimples and that isn’t a very good sight. Also, your hair might start to break and lose the beautiful shiny appeal.

Also, when you bathe, especially when using hot/warm water, you are likely to breathe in the moist/steam and that would directly affect the health of your internal organs such as the lungs. Ideally, the skin makes a huge part of your body and one of the most important and sensitive for that matter. The best way to take care of it apart from eating healthy is by using quality guaranteed filtered water. https://walkintubreport.com/walk-in-tub-reviews/ provides detailed information on top walk in tubs available in the market.

Softens water the natural way

If you’re living in a hard water location then you must be knowing the frustrations you have to go through to lay your hands on soft water. However, the use of regular water softeners isn’t as good as it might seem on the ground. In fact, it in some way it strips off your water some essential minerals that you wouldn’t want to lose. With high-quality water filters, you get salt-free soft water without compromising the minerals.

Additionally, if you want to use water softeners on the water you use on your plants, then you should think twice. Experts indicate that such water isn’t that safe for plants and it does require a lot of maintenance. Besides, it’s also wasteful and not good for your skin. But with filtered water, you enjoy a pollution free environment without even causing a hike in your electricity bill. There is always something good that comes with the term natural and so embrace it as long as you can.

Saves a lot of money

Filtering water can save you several bucks that you could have used not only on drinking water but also for other resources. For example, since it naturally softens the water (as indicated above) you won’t require a lot of soap when washing laundry, in the kitchen or even bathing. So you will witness a significant reduction in the number of trips you make to the store for your favorite soap. And it even gets better if you’re used to online ordering and have to pay shipping charges.

If you look at the long-term benefits, you will also save-up a lot on medical related expenses and so much more. In fact, you should look at it as a form of long-term investment that keeps giving returns.

Improves efficiency of household appliances

The durability and reliability of household appliances largely depend on how we handle and take care of them. So by choosing to get a quality home water filter, you prevent the formation of scales on glassware and appliances. And therefore, without the hindrance of any scale, all of your water appliance efficiency instantly increases by over 30%. What does this mean?

It means even at their optimal levels, the appliances are likely to consume minimal electricity and of course prolong their lifespan. So if your water heating system has been down lately, a filtration system might be the answer you have been searching for.


There is no limitation to the number of reasons as to why you should invest in a home water filtration system. This is a decision that can change your entire lifestyle and makes you and your loved ones less dependent on bottled water. You help by participating in limiting water wastage and conserving the environment. You also gain a healthier looking skin and hair, save money and ensure the efficiency of your water appliances.

So if you have been searching for a way to participate in environmental conservation, you got one through buying an eco-friendly water filter.

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