4 Ways For Students To Save The Environment

One of your jobs as a student is to be informed and updated with what’s happening in the world. One of the biggest issues the world has in the 21st century is pollution. Oceans are full of plastic. Because of global warming forests in Siberia and the Amazon are burning to ash. These are just a few signs that prove that the status of the environment is not a good one.


The young generation has to protect what others could not. Fighting for a cleaner planet and a better world has never been so urgent like nowadays. If you’ve ever wondered how to help the environment, let’s see how a normal student can make a difference!

1. At home

Where you live as a student: the dorm, you still live with your parents or you’ve rented a flat with your friends you have to know that the change starts with you and your way of living. The solution is not a difficult one: reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce what you’re consuming, reuse what you’re throwing away and recycle what you have to throw away.

Another thing you can do at home is to buy a filter for your tap water. Most of the cities around the world do not have drinkable tap water anymore because of pollution. A simple solution is to buy a water filter that improves the quality of the water you have at home already. This way you don’t use plastic containers for your bottles of water, keeping the ocean cleaner this way and the trash away from those amazing Australian beaches. So you save water for people who actually need to buy it from the store.

2. On the way to school

Needing a means of transportation is not something you can run away from. Of course, we encourage you to walk or cycle to where you have to get, but if that distance is a larger one you can get a bus and share this way the mean of transportation with other people.

Something cool that’s been trending for the past years is the electric scooter. Getting a small scooter that you can store in the back of your class or near your desk is a practical way to get from point A to point B. Charging it at home, it usually gives you power for 20 km at least. Plus, they’re mixing the saving of the planet with lots of fun, from my experience.

Not all electric scooter models are ideal for kids. Some are too heavy or too fast, so getting something that suits the age of your kid is important. Eridehero has an excellent guide on that.

3. At school

Once you get to where your eco-friendly means of transportation take you, you still have to behave accordingly to your goal of saving the planet. When you prepare for the next day at school you can cook your lunch at home and take it with you in a reusable container that you’ll wash after you finish eating. This way you save the planet from having to decompose another plastic wrap of a school sandwich. Don’t buy a bottle of water from school. Take one from home and take with you some of that home filtered water from your brand-new water filter.

Try using pencils instead of pens. They’re made out of wood and they’re recyclable. You can also buy notebooks made out of recycled paper. They’re not as shiny as the other ones but they keep your conscious and your planet cleaner. Don’t throw your notes away after you finish that year. There are people who consider to buy essay online and so you can reuse the paper and the knowledge.

Power down your laptop when you’re taking a break. Every watt you consume at home or at school is produced most likely in a power facility that in a way or another pollutes the environment. Try helping out with that too.

4. Having fun

Something most people don’t consider is that you can be friendly with the environment while having fun too. If you’re in a helping mood try volunteering to associations that clean the oceans or the forests. Avoid plastic straws as much as you can as those little plastic nightmares are impossible to recycle!

Final Thoughts

It’s up to us! If we fight for our planet, we’ll keep it! Everything starts in your own mind and in your own home. Reduce as much as you can, reuse everything that can be reusable and recycle with care. Go to school as eco-friendly as you can. Take a bus, walk, cycle or get one of those really fun to ride electric scooters or skateboards if that’s what you’re into. At school do everything you’re doing at home. Think twice about throwing away a piece of paper because it always has two sides.

Starting to believe in something is the first step to making it real. So let’s start believing in ourselves and in our planet!

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Emma Rundle is an eco-friendly digital nomad with an ambition to save the world. Traveling the world with ocean cleanup patrols gives Emma an insight into what pollution does to the environment. Being an active writer, she posts amazing articles that paint the world not as what we want it to be but as what it is. She is capable of writing a good article and protecting the environment!

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