About Emma Rundle

Emma Rundle is an eco-friendly digital nomad with an ambition to save the world. Traveling the world with ocean cleanup patrols gives Emma an insight into what pollution does to the environment. Being an active writer, she posts amazing articles that paint the world not as what we want it to be but as what it is. She is capable of writing a good article and protecting the environment!

4 Ways For Students To Save The Environment

One of your jobs as a student is to be informed and updated with what’s happening in the world. One of the biggest issues the world has in the 21st century is pollution. Oceans are full of plastic. Because of global warming forests in Siberia and the Amazon are burning to ash. These are just a few signs that prove that the status of the environment is not a good one. The young generation has to protect what others could not. Fighting for a cleaner planet and a better world has never been so urgent like nowadays. If you’ve ever … Continue reading