Reasons Why Fracking is Environmentally Unsound

Fracking is, “the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside” [1]. Fracking remains controversial due to its negative effect on the environment- especially in light of climate change. As such, it is necessary to explore the downsides of fracking as well as environmentally-friendly alternatives.


Negative Impacts of Fracking

Fracking is a very popular source of energy. However, it is unsustainable and wasteful.  This is as, “fracking uses huge amounts of water, which must be transported to the site at significant environmental cost” [1].

In addition, fracking is undesirable because it is dangerous to health. Environmentalists argue that, “potentially carcinogenic chemicals may escape during drilling and contaminate groundwater around the fracking site” [1]. Therefore, fracking should be discouraged insofar as there are better methods of generating energy.

Also, fracking, “places immense strain on transport and other infrastructure” [3]. This is as complex machinery is used in the fracking process. The alternative to fracking involves, “expanding wind farms and tidal” [3]. In the long-term, such environmental concern is associated with the development of “increasing energy efficiency and local energy schemes” [3].

Other side effects of fracking include, “fears over the venting and flaring of methane, industrialisation of rural areas and noise from lorries” [4]. All of these side effects negatively impact on quality of life. As a result, fracking is unpopular with many people. On a deeper level of analysis, fracking is closely linked to Climate Change.

For instance, fracking, “unlocks a whole new source of fossil fuels” [4]. Consequently, fracking comes with strong downsides. As such, it is viewed as environmentally unsound. This is as, “local environmental impacts are not just theoretical but well-documented” [4].

Alternatives to Fracking

As such, it is vital to explore alternatives to fracking. For example, “new and rapidly expanding sources of biomethane and heat energy are already delivering all over the UK” [2].

Biomethane and heat energy can be utilized throughout the world. Moreover, they meet higher standards of safety and sustainability with, “less environmental impact and much smaller carbon emissions than fracking” [2]. Therefore, research into renewable energy is crucial to solving current environmental problems.


To conclude, fracking is directly associated with many well-documented environmental problems.  Therefore, fracking should be avoided from an environmental perspective. In turn, renewable energy sources can be sought as an alternative to the current status quo.


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