About Jihane Ziyan

Jihane Ziyan possesses a formidable blend of analytical acuity and creative finesse, owing to her Master's degree in Communications and Media Studies and Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual and Cinema Studies. Jihane is a writer and communication professional who has a knack for crafting compelling stories that deeply connect with the audience. Her stories not only inform, but also inspire her readers, making her work truly exceptional. Throughout her career, Jihane has consistently demonstrated excellence in reporting, copywriting, editing, and investigative journalism, showcasing her versatility and dynamic communication skills.

Greenwashing Unveiled: Deception in the Name of Sustainability

Greenwashing, the practice of misleading consumers through deceptive environmental claims, has become alarmingly prevalent in today’s marketplace. With companies eager to capitalise on the growing demand for sustainable products and services, they often resort to misleading tactics that undermine genuine sustainability efforts. As companies continue to employ vague and misleading labels, it is essential for the media to maintain its commitment to investigative reporting and consumer education. By providing accurate and reliable information, media outlets can empower consumers to make informed choices and encourage companies to adopt genuine sustainable practices. Continued media efforts are crucial in ensuring that greenwashing is … Continue reading