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Sarah is a writer from Deodorant Reviews and is fascinated with all things skin care and wants to shed some light on the best everyday skin products that we use, and what ones you should be using. There’s so much information out there, and Sarah intends to sift through it all!

10 Ways to Create an Eco-friendly Skincare Routine

One of the imperative parts of our day includes following a beauty schedule. Self-grooming and beauty routines tend to become like second nature to us. Therefore, it is important to form habits while being mindful of the environment. Forming an environmentally-sound beauty routine might not be your top priority. However, the global cosmetics industry itself is negligent of its impact on the environment as it continues to produce about 120 billion units of packaging annually. If you’ve been worried about such statistics, we wonder if you’d like to move forward and make your beauty routine as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as … Continue reading