About Wardah Mamukoya

Wardah is the Founder and Managing Director of Wa’hab, an Award - winning company fighting food waste in Qatar. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and has experience as an Educational Instructor in schools and colleges. Teaching and philanthropy remain her core passion. She is a mother of three and was chosen to be among the top 30 most influential people to impact the community in Qatar in 2019 according to Doha Festival Magazine.

A Holistic Approach to Tackling Food Waste Problem in Qatar

In a country that imports 90% of its food, discarded food accounts for about half of Qatar’s municipal garbage. These statistics point to the loss of millions of riyals each year, in the form of food wastage. The food in landfills rots to release greenhouse gases like methane which are responsible for the rise in temperatures which contributes to global warming. According to Project Drawdown, the global leader in quantifying climate change strategies, reducing food waste is the single greatest solution to reverse climate change, which could draw 87 gigatons of CO2 out of the atmosphere, way ahead of a global plant-based … Continue reading