How to Live Off Grid in a Tiny House: A Beginner’s Guide

As people are becoming more focused on alternative living, the tiny house movement is becoming increasingly popular. It offers a few different experiences all rolled into one tiny package. For those looking to live debt free, it provides that. Others are looking to live in an environmentally friendly way and that is certainly the case with living off grid. And others just want to accumulate less stuff and more memories and since your house is tiny there is no way to not do that. Whatever the reason for looking for ways to start living the tiny house life, there is … Continue reading

How Minimalism and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

A topic that has been gathering momentum as of late. The idea of sustainability is rapidly becoming a popular trend and the reduction in fossil fuel usage is testament to that fact. However, sustainability is not just found in the energy sector. Sustainability has become a trend in all aspects of life. So much so that it has become a lifestyle for some. Minimalism has rapidly become a popular way of life as well, providing great benefits to those living according to it. To start, it is important to define these terms and how they can relate to one another. … Continue reading

5 Ways To Become A Conscious Consumer

In recent years, an increasing number of individuals have become more aware of what is known as conscious consumerism and have begun to practice it. People’s shopping decisions are impacted by their desire to positively contribute to economic, environmental, and social movements when they are aware of consumers. As a result, the work of many sectors to protect the environment and improve the living conditions of the economically and socially downtrodden will be aided. Simply said, aware customers, are increasingly purchasing firms that wish to make a difference and safeguard the planet’s, animals’, and employees’ well-being across many social sectors. … Continue reading