Know About Red-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project

The legendary Dead Sea has been shrinking for the last 40 years by as much as 1m a year mostly due to water diversion of the Jordan River, mainly by Israel and to a lesser extent Jordan. This decline in the Dead Sea levels causes a variety of environmental, social, and economic harm to the surrounding countries by affecting the tourism industry, and destroying one of the world’s most distinct habitats. The surrounding countries have come to realize the severity of its destruction and have acted accordingly to mitigate its depletion. Recently, Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority have signed … Continue reading

مشروع قناة البحرين الأحمر-الميت

قناة البحر الميت و البحر الأحمر , و البعض يسميها قناة البحرين أو قناة ال “ Red-Dead  “  هذا هو المشروع الذي تم توقيعه في التاسع من كانون الأول لعام 2013, حيث تم بالإتفاق مع السلطات الثلاث الأردنية , الفلسطينية و الإسرائيلية معا . يهدف هذا المشروع الضخم بناء خط انابيب يمتد من البحر الأحمر إلى البحر الميت، وهو جزء من مبادرة من شأنها انتاج ملايين الأمتار المكعبة من مياه الشرب للأماكن الجافة في المنطقة وجلب مياه البحرالأحمر إلى البحر الميت  لتحقيق الاستقرار في مستوى مياهه وتوليد الطاقة الكهربائية لدعم احتياجات الطاقة لهذا المشروع . مشروع قناة البحر الأحمر – البحر … Continue reading

Destruction of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet and one of the most unique environments around the world. It lies on the borders of Jordan, the West Bank and Israel. Known for its high-density waters and mineral rich soils, the Dead Sea is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the world. Its soils contain minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and salt.These minerals are used in cosmetics, chemical products such as industrial salts and are even used in table salts for home use. State of the Affairs The once mineral-rich Dead Sea has shrunk to the … Continue reading

Save Dead Sea from Extinction

The news headlines read that the Dead Sea is dying so fast that it could totally disappear by the middle of this century. With the waters dying up, the exposed land is cracked and salt encrusted. Sinkholes are appearing as well and adding to the level of natural destruction. The rate of this process is being monitored by measuring the rate at which the water line is retreating. It is presently receding at the rate of one meter each year. The Dead Sea region is of great importance to three main religious groups: Jews, Muslims and Christians. The Dead Sea … Continue reading