About Monaem Ben Lellahom

Monaem Ben Lellahom is a pioneer and thought leader in Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) practices in the Arab region. He was the first Social Return on Investment (SROI) practitioner in the Arab world to master social impact measurement and has authored research reports to demonstrate the social value of community development work through SROI analysis. Monaem also focuses on developing sustainability strategies for organizations across various industries, producing Sustainability reports, conducting gap analysis and studying Socio-economic (SEIA) progress in various issues. He has extensive knowledge of Sustainable Value Chains and Product Transparency, and the linkages between Sustainability and Branding. Monaem is co-founder and Head of Sustainability consultancy services at Sustainable Square Consultancy and Think Tank. Find him on Twitter: @MonaemL

All You Need to Know About Sustainability in the Supply Chain

The sustainability industry, in recent years, has evolved to include almost all areas of business processes. Due to the dramatic strides sustainability has made and its holistic nature, it is understandable that the two most apparent areas, the environment and society, would receive much of our attention.  There has been a lack of concern for the area of the economy and alignment with business needs.  Moreover, it has not been used enough as a mechanism to enhance the supply chain or product value. Lately, business leaders are learning to see substantial benefits and profitability beyond “green initiatives” by giving back time … Continue reading