What is a Solar Power Generator?

As the global climate worsens, governments and people have shifted to renewable energy sources, making solar power generators a viable option to consider. Solar power generators harvest the sun’s energy and transform it into electricity. They require no fuel and produce no emissions, adding to their feasibility and environmental friendliness. Let’s explore them further: How Solar Power Generators Work? A solar power generator generates electricity by converting sunlight into direct current (DC) power via solar panels. The charge controller receives this electricity and controls the power flow to the battery, which also helps avoid overcharging. The energy is stored in … Continue reading

Sustainability in the Middle East: Complications and Opportunities

The Middle East region is facing a unique set of natural, operational, political, economic and social challenges in efforts to adopt sustainability. The rapid development and increasing population in these countries have led to an increased consumption of fossil fuels, water, and other non-renewable natural resources, taking a toll on the environment. Though the Middle East countries have significantly contributed to the carbon emissions, over the past decade they have taken positive steps towards addressing the core environmental issues and improving sustainability situation in their respective countries. This article aims at sharing the common challenges and opportunities faced by the … Continue reading

Renewable Energy Initiatives at The Hashemite University

The Hashemite University, located in Zarqa (Jordan), has adopted a comprehensive environmental management strategy directed towards a green campus and climate action. The Hashemite University is currently the leader among public and private sectors’ institutions (especially in photovoltaics) in Jordan, and has transferred its expertise to several projects in Jordan and in the MENA region. Key Projects On June 5, 2016, the Hashemite University (abbreviated as HU) has implemented a 5 MWp photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy project that achieved 100% energy independence for the university. The project is implemented in two parts: Grid-Connected Project with 1,018 kWp realized as Pedestrian … Continue reading

Why Eco-Energy is Important?

Nowadays, eco-friendly energy solutions have boosted in a world where following sustainable practices has become more critical. As our planet faces environmental challenges, adopting eco-energy has risen to global discussions. If you know this, it is time to understand why it matters and its consequences. This article speaks about the significance of eco-energy, examining its impact on the climate, human well-being, and the future of our shared home.  Awareness of these changes is essential, as it is not just a trend anymore. It is Important To Get Environmental Education In this world of environmental challenges, achieving ecological education has never … Continue reading

The Risks of Renewable Energy Business: Managing Your Business

The demand for renewable energy businesses is on the rise, making it an attractive sector for many entrepreneurs. However, if you want to start a business in this field, you need to consider some basic risks and navigate them at an early stage. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the risks you can face and discuss approaches for addressing them. Differentiate Yourself From Competitors Probably the first and foremost thing you need to do is overcome fear of failure in business. Starting a new business can be overwhelming, as it presents various risks, but with the … Continue reading

Why You Need Logistics Services for the Solar Business

In today’s innovative world, the demand for sustainable energy solutions is constantly growing. Investing in this business can be highly beneficial. However, before starting your journey toward implementing a successful sustainable energy project, there are some vital steps you need to consider. One of them is the procurement of skilled project logistics services. In this article, we will delve into the significance of logistics services within the solar industry. Additionally, we will explore some steps to improve them. Pivotal Role of Logistics Services in Solar Business Logistics services serve as bridges between businesses and their customers. They assist with the … Continue reading

عمل محطة الغاز الحيوي الحديثة

محطات الغاز الحيوي هي نظام طاقة لامركزي يؤدي إلى الاكتفاء الذاتي في متطلبات الحرارة والطاقة، وفي ذا ت الوقت يحافظ على النظام البيئي من التلوث، حيث تعمل محطة الغاز الحيوي على استقرار النفايات العضوية من خلال عملية بيولوجية طبيعية في غياب الهواء وتحويل النفايات إلى غاز حيوي وأسمدة حيوية. تعتبر هذه المرافق مناسبة تمامًا للمواد العضوية الرطبة وتستخدم بشكل شائع لمعالجة النفايات القابلة للتحلل مثل نفايات الورق وقصاصات العشب وبقايا الطعام والصرف الصحي وفضلات الحيوانات. تشتمل مكونات محطة الغاز الحيوي الحديثة على جمع السماد، والهاضم اللاهوائي (عملية التخمير)، ومحطة معالجة النفايات السائلة، وتخزين الغاز، ومعدات توليد الكهرباء والحرارة. عمل محطة … Continue reading

Sustaining the Planet: How Solar Energy is Contributing to a Greener Future

As we are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of our current energy sources, the adoption of renewable alternatives is becoming more critical. Harnessing the power of the sun through solar energy is a leading aspect of this movement. Concentrating on this, we delve into how solar energy is contributing to a greener future and a more sustainable planet. Learn more about it here! The Dire Need for Renewable Energy With increasing populations and industrialization, our dependency on energy is higher than ever. This growing necessity fuels the growth of an industry centered around renewable energy solutions, such as … Continue reading

موارد الطاقة الحيوية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا

اقتضى الارتفاع الملحوظ الذي شهدته أسعار النفط في الماضي القريب، والاضطرابات التي نجمت عنه في سوق الطاقة، من العديد من بلدان منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا لاسيما غير المنتجة للنفط منها، البحث عن مصادر جديدة للطاقة لأسباب اقتصادية وبيئية معاً. ومن جهة أخرى، باتت الطاقة المتجددة تحظى باهتمام عالمي متزايد، نظراً لدورها في الحد من التغيرات المناخية، ودفع عجلة التنمية المستدامة في البلدان النامية، وتعزيز أمن وتوفير الطاقة. وتضم قائمة البلدان المنتجة للمخلفات العضوية في الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا، كلاً من السودان، ومصر، والجزائر، واليمن، والعراق، وسوريا، والأردن، حيث اعتادت المناطق الريفية في هذه المنطقة استخدام الطاقة الحيوية بشكل واسع في … Continue reading

Renewable Energy in Algeria

Algeria plays a key role in world energy markets as a leading producer and exporter of natural gas and liquefied natural gas. Algeria’s energy mix in 2010 was almost exclusively based on fossil fuels, especially natural gas (93%). However, Algeria has enormous renewable energy potential, mainly solar, which the government is trying to harness by launching an ambitious Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program. “Everywhere there is someone or something trying to make a difference. In this case, Algeria is playing an important role in producing and exporting natural gas and liquefied natural gas. But, sometimes it’s just about understanding … Continue reading

Peak Oil: Perspectives for Saudi Arabia

The term ‘peak oil’ is ominous to the Middle East, as most of the countries in the region are heavily dependent on oil and natural gas for industrial, economic and social development. Petroleum is considered one of the world’s most important sources of energy generation, after uranium, of course. Many other substances have been tested in order to be used as alternatives to petroleum, but none have hitherto been successful. Scientific research illustrates how the world is facing catastrophe if it doesn’t find an alternative to oil, as it is currently impossible for the global economy to grow without sufficient amounts … Continue reading

Prioritising the Health and Safety of Workers Across All Energy Sectors

With almost 250 fatalities in the oil industry for every one death of a worker in wind power, the renewable energy sector appears to be a much safer environment in which to work. Of course, the production of oil has a long established history and a much larger workforce; the International Labour Organisation estimates that at least 6 million people work directly for the industry. However as the renewable energy sector continues to grow, it may yet present some of the same health and safety risks as fossil fuel industries. And due to new hazards such as the extreme height of wind turbines, … Continue reading