About Jeanne Bedard

Jeanne Bédard is a licenced Professional Dietitian, graduate from McGill University. She is passionate about the interconnections of food, people and the environment and believes that health comes from a balanced relationship between the three. While living in Haiti she created and oversaw a nutritional education program base on native food and traditional recipes. Working closely with agronomists on soil conservation and sustainable agriculture triggered her involvement in environnement-related issues. She often acted as a guest speaker for various organizations including the FAO. She is currently dedicated to self-learning of social marketing and infographics to better communicate information and solutions related to food system and environment.

How to Reduce Food Waste in Ramadan: An Infographic

The debate surrounding increased food waste generation during Ramadan has become a part of public discourse in Muslim communities worldwide. Almost one-fourth of the food purchased or prepared during Ramadan finds its way to trash bins. The staggering amount of food waste in Ramadan urgently demands a strong public-focused strategy for its minimization, sustainable utilization and eco-friendly disposal.  This infographic will provide more insights into the magnitude of problem and plausible ways to tackle it. Keep reading to know how to make your Ramadan eco-friendly.

Medical Waste Management: An Infographic

Healthcare sector in the Middle East is growing at a very rapid pace, which in turn has led to tremendous increase in the quantity of medical waste generation by hospitals, clinics and other healthcare establishments. The growing amount of medical waste in the Middle East is posing significant public health and environmental challenges across the region. The situation is worsened by improper disposal methods, insufficient physical resources, inefficient medical waste treatment technologies and lack of research on healthcare waste management. This infographic will provide more insights into medical waste management situation in the Middle East.