How to Reduce Food Waste in Ramadan: An Infographic

The debate surrounding increased food waste generation during Ramadan has become a part of public discourse in Muslim communities worldwide. Almost one-fourth of the food purchased or prepared during Ramadan finds its way to trash bins.


The staggering amount of food waste in Ramadan urgently demands a strong public-focused strategy for its minimization, sustainable utilization and eco-friendly disposal. 

This infographic will provide more insights into the magnitude of problem and plausible ways to tackle it. Keep reading to know how to make your Ramadan eco-friendly.

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About Jeanne Bedard

Jeanne Bédard is a licenced Professional Dietitian, graduate from McGill University. She is passionate about the interconnections of food, people and the environment and believes that health comes from a balanced relationship between the three. While living in Haiti she created and oversaw a nutritional education program base on native food and traditional recipes. Working closely with agronomists on soil conservation and sustainable agriculture triggered her involvement in environnement-related issues. She often acted as a guest speaker for various organizations including the FAO. She is currently dedicated to self-learning of social marketing and infographics to better communicate information and solutions related to food system and environment.

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