About Sherif Issa

Sherif Issa is the Head of Environmental Sustainability at Orange Egypt. He received a master’s in Civil | Environmental Engineering from City University of New York in 1985 and Bachelor degree from Cairo University. He is responsible for developing and maintaining the environmental management system covering all aspects of operations. He has participated in many sustainability initiatives, most notably the e-waste recycling school in Cairo, which graduated 150+ youth; providing them with niche skills and promise for better future. Sherif is a member of two Egyptian governmental committees: the Scientific Research Committee of National Council of Women and the Environmental Education committee of the Ministry of Culture.

Mobile Agriculture in Egypt: Food for Thought

The phenomenal spread of smartphones and the fact that they are practically hand-sized computers, have opened way to the creation of countless ‘mobile applications’ or simply ‘apps’. The first apps that came to light were as expected, for social media and different entertainment channels. They were followed by ‘modern life’ apps in the areas of health, education, agriculture and many more. Almost every area imaginable in our life now has a mobile app that caters to it. Mobile Agriculture in Africa During the course of my work at Orange Egypt, I’ve seen a great amount of interest in mobile agriculture … Continue reading

E-Waste Management: Perspectives from Egypt

As the person in charge of reducing my company’s environmental impact and maintaining our ISO 14K certification, I had to find a solution for the ever growing number of discarded mobile phones from our employees, partners and 30+ million customers! I explored almost every initiative related to e-waste management in Egypt. I participated in forums addressing the problem, attended meetings full of great ideas and intentions, met local and expat experts, participated in student competitions offering solutions and contacted overseas entities with great track record like Close The Gap, Umicore and Greencyc. Despite all of these resources, I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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