The Concept of Environmental Education

Unlike traditional forms of education, Environmental Education is a holistic, lifelong learning process directed at creating responsible individuals who explore and identify environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and take action effectively to improve the environment. As a result, individuals develop a deeper awareness and understanding of environmental issues and have effective skills to make informed and responsible decisions that lead to resolute the environmental challenges. Environmental Education is neither environmental advocacy nor environmental information; rather, Environmental Education is a varied and diverse field that focuses on the educational process that has to remain neutral by teaching individuals critical thinking and … Continue reading

The Paper Bag Boy of Abu Dhabi

Abdul Muqeet, also known as the Paper Bag Boy, has risen from being just another ordinary student to an extra-ordinary environmentalist, eco-hero and eco-warrior. At just ten years old, Abdul Muqeet has demonstrated his commitment to saving the environment in United Arab Emirates and elsewhere. Inspired by the 2010 campaign “UAE Free of Plastic Bags”, Abdul Muqeet, a student of Standard V at Abu Dhabi Indian School, applied his own initiative and imagination to create 100% recycled carry bags using paper waste. He then set out to distribute these bags in Abu Dhabi, replacing single-use plastic bags that take hundreds … Continue reading

Environmental Awareness in Arab Countries: A Survey

A public opinion survey carried out by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development in 22 Arab countries revealed that a vast majority, exceeding 60 percent, believes that the environment has deteriorated in their countries over the last 10 years. An even bigger majority of 95 percent thinks that their country is not doing enough to tackle environmental challenges. The questionnaire, circulated via internet in cooperation with Arab media outlets and conducted on a self-completion basis, attracted 20,460 responses from across the Arab region. Respondents who thought that the environmental situation has worsened comprised 60 percent, reflecting findings of a … Continue reading

Environmental Research in Arab World: Perspectives

The Arab world is facing many environmental pressures ranging from challenges in resource management and water scarcity to air pollution and climate change, which all require serious scientific research. Arab nations contribute 1.7 percent of the total value of budgets embarked for environmental research worldwide. Leaders in Environmental Research Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia are the most active research countries in general science and environmental research. Scientific research has increased in the last ten years, with Egypt leading the Arab world, followed by Saudi Arabia for both the number and rate of publications produced. Egypt has contributed at least … Continue reading

Arab Researchers Award: Call for Nominations

The Scientific Committee for Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers Award calls for nominations for the Award’s 2017 cycle.  The deadline for receiving the completed nomination forms is April 30th under the following 6 fields: Medical & Health Sciences; Basic Sciences; Technological and Agricultural Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Literature; Humanitarian, Social & Educational Sciences; and Economic & Administrative Sciences. The Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers Award is the first Award of its kind supporting scientific research and recognizing researchers in the Arab world. Since its launch in 1982, around 412 researchers residing in and outside of the Arab world won this Award. An … Continue reading

Environmental Perceptions and Attitudes in Qatar – A Survey

Measuring environmental knowledge, opinion and attitude is of paramount importance to the academics and policymakers for developing better policies for human well-being and protection of ecosystems. Self-reporting attitudes and behaviours are one of the ways to measure. A first-of-its-kind national opinion survey on environmental issues was conducted in 2016 in a series of three surveys including ten socio-demographic questions in each survey. The survey covered a wide range of topics from climate change to government policies to urbanization to food. The results show a large number of people are deeply aware of the local and global environmental problems. Overall, the … Continue reading

اطلاق شبكة الشباب العربي للتنمية المستدامة

اعلن اليوم الأثنين  الموافق 1 يناير  2018 عن اطلاق شبكة الشباب العربي للتنمية المستدامة (AYSDN) والتي تضم مجموعة من القيادات الشبابية  من الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا و تسعى الى تعزيز الدور الريادي للشباب في ضوء ما تفتضيه الظروف الراهنة التي تتطلب منا إيجاد منظومة شبابية اكثر فاعلية تساهم فى تعزيز جهود أشراك الشباب العربي في تحقيق أهداف التنمية المستدامة وخلق علاقة تبادل تجارب وخبرات وشراكات نوعية في هذا المجال واستنباط أفكار وحلول ناجعة تعزز من مشاركة الشباب  وبما يساهم في الارتقاء بدورهم الرائد في تنمية المجتمعات. وفي تصريح صحفي قال رئيس الشبكة المهندس طارق حسان ان شبكة الشباب العربي للتنمية … Continue reading

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